La Tordera Otreval zero sugar

La Tordera Otreval zero sugar

Otreval is the highest vineyard located within the Rive di Guia. Soil is very compact, almost clay like substrata with a sandstone topsoil, many marine fossils are visible in the area. Grapes harvested from Otreval are late ripening, with high sugar content and higher than average acidity. In Otreval fermentation is completely finished leaving 0 residual sugars in the wine.

Starts floral and as it opens it becomes increasingly fruitier and fuller. More complex than a typical Prosecco with Nashi pear, bread crust and chalky notes together with the typical white flower and apple notes of Prosecco.In the mouth, Intense freshness with more structure than most Proseccos. Savory and with great sapidity.


Option 1: white sparkling
Option 2
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    Excellent with simple fish dishes where fish is the predominant taste.

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