50 Reasons Sauvignon Blanc

50 Reasons Sauvignon Blanc

There’s always a reason to drink a good wine!  An organic wine you can make perfectly yours by customizing it the way you want, wherever and whenever you want. Just because it’s payday, you love your new job, or you want to share an orgasmic wine with someone you love. So whatever day it is, it’s just a perfect day for 50 Reasons. Sauvignon Blanc ,fermented and aged in stainless steel vats. Crispy, subtle and fruity, organic, vegan. Burnished gold with green highlights in the glass. It has a nose of preserved lemon, lime flesh and white peach over a strong slate minerality. On the palate the wine is crisp, dry and bracing with a fine citrus flavor and an intriguing minerality that makes you want to sip it again and again.

Raw shellfish, grilled fish, roast chicken or Try as an aperitif.

Option 1: white
Option 2
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    The principal sedimentary materials are carbonated rocks like limestone, dolo- mite and calcareous shale. Amongst the secondary rocks there is an abundance of detritics like clays, silts, sands and gravels. Evaporites like gypsum and salts represent a very small proportion. 

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